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Manpower Supply Services

Qualified and capable human resources is the back bone of any organisation. In service industries, they account for a major component of cost for a company. Apart from the salaries, there are significant costs in hiring and developing employees. The current economic environment is forcing companies to keep a tight control over their costs. Hence, more and more organisations prefer to outsource their personnel requirements to 'Service Providers' who can economically cater to their specific requirements.

We provide high-calibre Software Developers, Testers, Help desk personnel on a permanent and contract basis. We not only provide skilled manpower, we also provide assistance for recruitment of manpower, temporarily or otherwise. We focus on supplying manpower to the IT and BFSI sector. We work closely with HR consultants, IT companies, retired Bankers, educational institutions to suggest optimum solutions for your manpower requirements.

What really sets us apart, is that our consultants have the working experience of the industry and our experts who screen the candidates are amongst the best in the industry. This ensures that they understand the crucial aspects such as formal training, skills, experience and culture required to place the right people at the right place.