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With the rapid advent of social media, messaging platforms and voice assistants like Alexa, consumers are increasingly moving to conversational and chat-based interactions. This new customer interaction paradigm is forcing banks to open a third channel beyond branches and mobile and leverage artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) advancements to offer conversational banking and virtual assistants to customers for conducting their banking transactions and providing customer service.

i-Mobot is a social media banking platform developed at IDBI Intech which is currently deployed on whatsapp and is a major step towards digital onboarding of customers and adding a wow factor for customer experience (CX).

i-Mobot is a hybrid interactive service platform which integrates well with various social media platforms. It has been developed using state of the art design open source technologies. Considering the target user base in social media space through the voluminous interactions it will not require large infrastructure for implementation and it all depends upon the business size of the client. This intelligent product currently supports 4 regional languages.

Following are the key features of i-Mobot:

  • Instant Messaging Chatbot based banking / enterprise service
  • Service Model is built on open source technology framework
  • Built in API management for plug and play service implementation
  • Instant and seamless implementation with limited dependency
  • Supports both session and push messaging
  • Built in language control component to convert scripts

i-Mobot expedites digital onboarding seamlessly through various social media platforms such as Whatsapp Banking. Communication becomes faster, easier, and more engaging. Implementation on WhatsApp provides personal consultation and direct contact to customers and to keep communication flowing.

The app has been awarded with the Technoviti ‘Super Trophy 2021’ by BANKING FRONTIERS TECHNOVITI Awards on March 19, 2021.

i-Mobot: Social Media Bot

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