Public Financial Management System

Revolutionizing Financial Management

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i-PFMS, an innovative system that act as a middleware between PFMS and different departments of Banks, stands at the forefront of financial management, integrating seamlessly with the Public Financial Management System (PFMS). PFMS, a web-based transaction system by the Controller General of Accounts, tracks and monitors fund disbursement for Government of India's Plan Schemes in real-time. i-PFMS takes this a step further, bridging the gap between banks and the government to facilitate reliable and transparent transactions. i-PFMS empowers financial management with its robust features, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and security in every transaction.


  • Validates over 50,000 accounts daily
  • Processes 2.5 to 2.8 million transactions monthly
  • Handles APBS (Aadhar) and NACH transactions through NPCI
  • Generates PAO scrolls for sharing with PFMS
  • Migrated to PFMS SFTP server for enhanced hosting capabilities

How it Works?

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Key Features

Integration with PFMS
  • Validates bank account details of PFMS-registered agencies
  • Enables intra-bank transfers by validating beneficiary accounts
  • Retrieves bank account transaction details for agencies
  • Updates Bank Branch Master Information into PFMS
  • Processes Print Payment Advice (PPA) and digitally signed files
  • Electronic Payment Advice (ePA) processing through Net-banking
  • Complete data reconciliation cycle with integrity checks
Email Alerts
  • Sends email alerts to branches on PPA advice receipt
  • Notifies branches on process failures and pending PPA advice payments
FCRA Reporting
  • Validates and stores FCRA categorized accounts
  • Retrieves account statements with mandatory FCRA-related data reporting
  • Generates transaction file reports
Batch Expiry
  • Marks PPA payment advices as expired after 10 days, per PFMS guidelines
Integration with CBS
  • ETL/Staging area-based integration for account/transaction/branch reporting
  • SFTP Integration with bank's hosted SFTP network
  • Integration with bank's email server for triggers
  • Access granted to all branches and offices
Marking Late Returns
  • Identifies and marks late returns for efficient processing
MIS Reports
  • Provides comprehensive reports as per bank requirements
  • Covers Batch Received, Successful Transactions, Failure/Return, Rejected/Expired Batch, Batch Specific Report, and CPSMS Credit Transaction Specific Report


IDBI Intech is uniquely positioned to deliver new-age solutions for the modern financial services sector.

  • Secured file transfer through SFTP
  • Fully automated process with no manual intervention
  • Real-time file status availability
  • Float detection and optimal fund utilization
  • Enables real-time tracking of funds from top to bottom and vice versa
  • Utilizes various payment modes, including Fund Transfer, NEFT, and Aadhar-based transactions
  • REAT module integration for streamlined financial processes
  • Automation reduces the chance of errors
  • Digitally signed files ensure data integrity and security
  • Masked beneficiary account numbers for added security
  • Branch users have limited modification access to payment files
  • Comprehensive MIS files for tracking and reconciliation

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