Locker Management System


i-LMS© Locker Management System

The traditional locker system as we all know has been there for over a century and its implementation hasn't changed much and so hasn't the lock which does not meet the security requirements needed for today’s world. The problem occurs in maintaining multiple keys for multiple lockers and to make sure each one of them is used efficiently.

To address these issues, we, at IDBI Intech, have developed a Locker Management System (i-LMS) for streamlining Locker Management in the branches as per the bank’s centralized procedure. The application has been designed so as to take care of every aspect of installation, issuance, access, rent collection of lockers.

i-LMS is a web-based solution for managing end-to-end Locker Operations including Rent management and auto communications for internal as well as external customers.

i-LMS: Locker Management System

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