Instant Account Opening Mobile Application

Your Gateway to Hassle-Free Digital Banking

Discover the ultimate convenience in banking with i-Quick, a cutting-edge digital account mobile application. With i-Quick, your customers can open a limited KYC savings account instantly, right from the comfort of their mobile phone. Say goodbye to paperwork and long account opening processes – we've made it swift, simple, and secure.

i-Quick Next-Gen Features

Digital Onboarding

Seamlessly onboard as a new customer with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Online KYC Checks

Instantly verify your Aadhar and PAN details to ensure regulatory compliance.

Customer Data De-Duplication

Avoid duplicate entries by cross-referencing with the bank's existing customer database.

Video KYC

Enjoy instant virtual card generation, integration with Video KYC, and access to the UPI system (available after account opening).

Why Choose i-Quick?

Enhanced Customer Experience

We provide a user-friendly and convenient digital onboarding experience, delighting customers from the very beginning.

Streamlined Implementation

With its plug-and-play nature and limited dependencies, i-Quick can be implemented swiftly and efficiently.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure KYC compliance through online verification processes, minimizing manual errors.

Faster Time to Market

i-Quick's instant account opening capabilities expedite the onboarding process, reducing time to market.

Minimal Business Disruption

By enabling digital account opening, i-Quick ensures business continuity during challenging times.

Benefits of i-Quick

  • Zero balance account with free mobile, internet banking, and IMPS facilities.
  • Debit card and free email statements for all account holders.
  • Real-time transaction alerts via SMS for enhanced security.
  • Recognized with the Technoviti ‘Super Trophy 2021’ by BANKING FRONTIERS TECHNOVITI Awards.

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