Fraud Risk Management System

Your Ultimate Defense Against Fraud and Misconduct

i-FRMS© Fraud Risk Management System

At i-FRMS, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a reputation for integrity to ensure market confidence and public trust. In today's challenging business environment, fraud risk management has become paramount as organizations face increasing scrutiny and potential legal, regulatory, and reputational damage. Our Fraud Risk Management System is designed to provide you with a proactive and comprehensive approach to combating fraud, helping you protect your organization from various fraud typologies, such as account takeover, merchant frauds, identity theft, and more.

Empowering Your Organization to Stay Ahead of Fraud Risks

In an age of escalating cyber-crime and sophisticated fraud methods, traditional risk management approaches are no longer sufficient. i-FRMS equips your organization with cutting-edge technologies, including geographical detections, behavioral pattern analysis, and adverse media screening, to detect and prevent fraud incidents promptly. Our system is compatible with multiple CBS and offers analytical dashboards and MIS reports for data-driven decision-making.

Need for i-FRMS?

Building an effective fraud risk management program requires a solid understanding of the motives and methods behind fraud. Without clear objectives and a well-executed fraud risk assessment, your organization remains vulnerable to fraud incidents. i-FRMS streamlines your fraud risk management process with automated continuous monitoring tools, ensuring efficient fraud prevention without the burden of time-consuming manual efforts.

Fraud Risk Management System

Features of i-FRMS

  • Geographical detections in customer's transactions
  • Behavioral pattern analysis and alert generation
  • High-risk location transaction monitoring
  • Adverse media screening for merchants
  • Compatibility with multiple CBS
  • Automated FMR generation for regulatory submission
  • Analytical dashboards and various MIS reports

Our Offerings

By implementing i-FRMS, you gain numerous advantages, including:

Minimized financial losses through timely fraud detection

Enhanced chances of recovery and mitigation of damages

Increased protection against emerging fraud trends

Improved compliance with regulatory requirements

Strengthened market confidence and reputation

Proactive fraud prevention for future growth and success

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