Corporate Liquidity Management Solution

Efficient Management of Cash Flows
Corporate Liquidity Management System: Efficient Management of Cash Flows

Increasing levels of operat ional complexities in the corporate world and challenging market conditions have triggered a radical reshaping of the corporate landscape and the way corporates interact with banks. Of the many challenges, managing and controlling liquidity has emerged as a top priority.

Liquidity management may hold the key to a company's survival in today's heavily regulated, globalized economy. This is especially true in a highly competitive environment where shareholders want to see healthy utilizations and balanced exposures in corporate books. Banks need to support their corporate customers to manage liquidity effectively and enable them to derive maximum benefits at a minimal cost.

Corporate Liquidity Management System: Efficient Management of Cash Flows

For companies, both large and small global operations, managing liquidity has its challenges. For example, the lack of knowledge of the cash in hand (cross the border and / or cross-currency), the inability to mobilize and manage cash to take corrective action. If banks are to be more relevant and benefit from digitalization, they need to invest in new and innovative capabilities that can help them provide efficient liquidity management services.

Digital technology is rapidly expanding its influence on the corporate landscape and the way enterprises function globally. Enterprises are developing newer business strategies that involve the need for efficient utilization of their global liquidity.

Banks are in constant need of tools that can help them to make informed decisions. While at one side wherein most of the data come from rating agencies, Banks are in a better position to trust their data in the form of historical records and transactions of Corporate Customers.

We at IDBI Intech have built a solution that will help corporate customers address their liquidity issues and at the same time, open up a revenue stream for Banks for the value-add services they can provide to their customers.

This solution aims to automate the movement and pooling of money across different banks, improving the overall efficiency via straight-through-processing (STP). In turn, this will give corporates a more transparent view of their available liquidity at any point in time.