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IDBI Intech Ltd.

IDBI Intech Ltd is a technology-led business transformation organisation specialising in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry vertical. Incorporated in the year 2000, it serves as a wholly-owned subsidiary of IDBI Bank, a leading bank in India. With over two decades of experience and expertise as a leading Banking and Insurance digital technology business transformation partner, IDBI Intech leverages disruptive technologies to deliver business outcomes that digitally enable our clients' business to stay relevant and future-ready.

We bring a unique approach to digital transformation-one that is driven by innovation, agility and a start-up mindset. The result: an enhanced ability to deliver value-led accelerated business outcomes and a differentiated portfolio of services.

Our portfolio of services and solutions are built on the knowledge of the foundation of working with leading Banking, Financial Services and Insurance customers in India and abroad. This is further enhanced by our significant investments in the latest industry solutions for Banking and Insurance, keeping in mind customer satisfaction and market demands as top priorities. Our next-generation technologies currently being leveraged include Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more-all of which is bringing end-to-end digital transformation for our global BFSI clientile.

At IDBI Intech, we understand that creating seamless digital experiences are the new norm when it comes to ensuring customer delight. To provide this meaningful value to customers, organisations need to create a frictionless user journey. This is only possible with innovative digital outcomes that connect a user’s needs, emotions and behavior with an advanced responsive service design and features whose strategy is executed with speed.

To help our customers achive these high standards of customer delight, we have pioneered a wide range of Digital Innovations that leverage AI, ML, API & Microservices resulting in one-of-a-kind Fintech Products, leading Financial Crime & Compliance Solutions which have been highly recognized across the market and Digital Ecosystems across the BFSI landscape. Apart from orchestrating seamless and efficient business technology integration, this has brought in meaningful real-time personalized experiences and accelerated business outcomes for customers.

At IDBI Intech, our differentiators are our core values of Integrity, Ingenuity and Intelligence—the foundation of our collective culture and character. They define our customer value creation and shape our individual behaviours, decisions and actions, helping us successfully deliver satisfaction and confidence to our esteemed customers, year-on-year.

Added to this is our keen focus on skilling our employees and building an innovation-oriented culture. It is this human capital, in tandem with digital disruptive technologies that are instrumental in the creation of our business value and in the continuous adding of flagship Fintech products. We are very proud to acknowledge that through the years our products have been widely sought by the BFSI industry and we have been consistently recognised and felicitated for our achievements by leading business platforms.

Through the years, we have developed a long-standing relationship with our customers and peers in the industry while gaining the trust and loyalty of our employees. We are humbled by the support of all our stakeholders as we enthusiastically look forward to continuing this relationship in the years to come.

IDBI Intech Ltd

IDBI Intech Ltd.

IDBI Intech Ltd


Evolve as the most preferred IT Solutions & Services Company in the BFSI sector to realise value for stakeholders.


To render optimal IT services and innovative solutions to BFSI sector by leveraging technology with intellectual capital, to accomplish customer delight.