i-AML© Anti Money Laundering Solution

Financial Crimes, specifically Money Laundering & Fraud are growing multi fold with increasing complexity and volume. Impact of this is humongous across various dimensions - cost, reputational risk, regulatory risk & penalty. Organizations are investing in modernizing their Financial Crime systems leveraging broad spectrum of technologies - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics & Big Data. There is growing need to have a holistic view of Enterprise-wide Risk and Compliance and navigate the evolving challenges.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is a particularly challenging area of regulation for banks – even more so for large, geographically diverse institutions. Failure to have adequate processes can result in massive regulatory fines. The inadvertent use of the banking system for money laundering activities is a key challenge facing the financial services industry. In response, regulatory authorities have introduced anti-money laundering (AML) regulations to detect and prevent such activities. Complying with these regulations requires banks and financial institutions to implement an effective compliance system, along with appropriate tools and systems. This, in turn, requires companies to build an effective business case for the right compliance system equipped with requisite capabilities and latest technology tools.

IDBI Intech offers an efficient, scalable, real time, platform agnostic Anti Money Laundering solution across the lifecycle of customer - Know your customer, Customer Due Diligence, Transaction monitoring, Credit Monitoring, Fraud Risk Management & Payments Reconciliation.

    Our Solution Offerings in Combating Financial Crime are
  • i-AML© (Anti Money Laundering)
  • i-TBML (Trade Based Money Laundering)
  • i-FRMS (Fraud Risk Management)
  • i-RTMS (Real-time Transaction Monitoring)
  • i-EWS (Early Warning Signals for Credit Monitoring)

The differentiators of the solution are Enterprise Wide Single View of Risk & Compliance, Harnessing Advanced Analytics, Workflow, AI & ML, Leveraging Open Source & Cloud, Integrated Solutions across Customer Lifecycle, Comprehensive set of pre-built rules, scenarios from an industry proven financial crime library.

Functional Overview

    Transaction Monitoring
    Transaction Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Rule Library
  • Risk scores derivation for alerts
  • Supports Real-Time and Batch-Mode alert generation process
  • Rule Creation and Updation
  • Workload Management
  • False Positive Reduction
  • Real-Time screening of wire-transfer

    Know Your Customer (KYC)
    Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Creation of data repository
  • Customer risk categorization
  • Integration of Negative List
  • Identify & Screening Ultimate Beneficiary Owner
  • Identifying key missing information
  • Online screening of PEP, Adverse Media Coverage, UN OFAC etc.
  • 360 degree view of customer related information

    Case Management
    Case Management
  • Comprehensive case management
  • Workflow creation
  • Integration with Email & SMS gateway
  • TAT monitoring
  • False-Positive Reduction

    Admin, Regulatory Report & MIS
    Admin, Regulatory Report & MIS
  • Creation of Regulatory – STR (SAR), CTR etc.
  • Creation of internal note
  • Graphs & MIS reports
  • Integration with AD for authentication
  • Schedulers and Real-time report generation
  • Access controls
  • Leave Management
  • Audit trails
  • User Management & System parameter settings

Key Differentiators:
Key Differentiators

i-AML Application Framework:
i-AML Application Framework

Value Proposition:
Value Proposition

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